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I Love my Big Brother

OMG! Someone with a family connection to the land-mass beside the one on which I was born has won I sporting event I care/know little about AND a lady who has married into the ‘world’s best-known hereditary monarchy’ is having a baby AND David Cameron has decided to protect my eyes (and therefore my mind?) from images (and ideas?) which he deems ‘offensive’… I love my Big Brother unequivocally.


Urban Maps, by Richard Brook and Nick Dunn

This book looks REALLY interesting but I don’t think I can justify taking the time to read it just now. Let me know if you do…

Ashgate Publishing Blog

Urban Maps: Instruments of Narrative and Interpretation in the City is now available in paperback. Written by Richard Brook and Nick Dunn from Manchester School of Architecture, the book considers the city and the ‘devices’ that define the urban environment.

Layout 1‘Urban Maps provides an interesting new way of “minding the gap” between the contemporary urban condition and architectural design. Calling on familiar and well-loved theoretical friends like Walter Benjamin, but also bringing in exciting new contenders such Thomas de Quincey, the narrators interrogate an interdisciplinary array of projects from graffiti to branded environments. The map is posited as a central element of design behaviour, and Brook and Dunn argue convincingly that to address today’s pressing urban issues architecture must move outside its normal frames of reference, and engage with a new vocabulary and conceptual framework comprising images, networks, films, marks and objects.’   Jane Rendell, The Bartlett School of…

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Review – Ottermatic’s Lovely romp of songs

This is going to be a somewhat bizarre re-entry into the world of blogging after so many months of silence… a) it’s a re-blog, b) it’s nothing to do with ‘religion’ (or is it?) c) It’s a delightfully bizarre review of a delightfully bizarre band – my friends in Ottermatic (hey, they’re called Ottermatic, so what’s not to like?). Enjoy the journey…