Some interesting thoughts on peer review…

Object-Oriented Philosophy

There are a number of boring, tedious, and even unfair things about academia as presently constituted. No argument from me about that.

But sometimes certain procedures come under fire in ways that I find unconvincing.

For example, I’ve discussed here before that I am unpersuaded by the argument that the peer review system for articles and books needs to be abolished, because it enforces narrow conformism, etc. I think there’s a grain of truth in this, but it ought not to be exaggerated.

Yes, for example: if you submit to a mainstream journal in continental philosophy, and if you do speculative realism or something else fairly new, you’re possibly going to get some haughty nitpicking from well-established reviewers who come from the Derrida/Foucault days, or who do a safe mainstream version of Deleuze, or something along those lines. I’ve gotten that sort of feedback myself. But guess what? The articles…

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