New Reading Material Has Arrived…

I won’t have time to read this for a while… but I needed to get my hands on it for a chapter I am putting together on atheist reactions to the New Atheists. I also needed to read it because I have been criticising it from a distance without having actually taken the time to read it. I know it will annoy me – why do we need secular temples? They’re called museums, libraries, universities, sports stadiums etc… but perhaps it won’t annoy me. Either way, it is always good to go into these things with an open mind… so I’ll try :)


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2 responses to “New Reading Material Has Arrived…”

  1. Per Smith says :

    It is hard not to be annoyed by de Botton. As I said over at Daniel Silliman’s blog today, I think de Botton overlooks some very obvious instances in the history of atheism where unbelief was not militant and indeed embraced religion (e.g. Ethical Culture). I have two suggestions for you though if you are writing about reactions to New Atheism (though you may already be aware). One is the Greg Epstein and the Harvard Humanist group’s reaction, which you can read about more here…

    The other is an argument I’ve heard a number of places, but the one I always remember is by Tom Flynn from the Center for Inquiry, and that’s the argument that there is nothing new about the New Atheism.

    Cheers and happy writing.

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