Goddess Thealogy, An International Journal for the Study of the Divine Feminine

If you are interested in this sort of thing…

The Institute for Thealogy & Deasophy is pleased to announce the first issue of “Goddess Thealogy, An International Journal for the Study of the Divine Feminine”

It can be found as a pdf file at


Editorial Introduction
Angela Hope and Patricia ‘Iolana

Thealogy: Mapping a Fluid and Expanding Field by Patricia ‘Iolana and Angela Hope

A Few Thoughts on the Breath, the Soul, the Divine Female and the Virgin Mary in Engagement with Luce Irigaray and Clarissa Pinkola Estés by Rasa Lucia Luzyte

Moonlight of the Divine Feminine: Magnifying Western Cultural Shadow with Women Espionage Agents by Diane E. Greig Rickards

Ruminations on Gaia Consciousness and Goddess Reverence
by Merlin Stone

The Politics of Eco-Feminist Goddess Spirituality, a Theology for a Sustainable Future by Rev. Karen Tate

Footsteps on the Path to Experiencing the Feminine Divine: A Phenomenological Account of a Collective Thealogical Journey in Academia by Angela Hope, Patricia ‘Iolana, Paul Reid-Bowen and Melinda Grube

In Memory of Merlin Stone
Requiem for Merlin Stone by Zsuzsanna Budapest

Remembering Merlin Stone by Carol P. Christ

In Search of Merlin Stone by Bobbie Grennier

Face the Goddess: Kali-Ma by James D. Rietveld

From Scotland to the Aegean Sea: Diving Deep in Conversation
with Carol P. Christ by E.C. Erdmann

Artist’s Corner: Max Dashú

Review: Testing the Boundaries, by Christopher Roussel


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One response to “Goddess Thealogy, An International Journal for the Study of the Divine Feminine”

  1. Pegi Eyers says :

    The link to download the journal is not there – is there another way?

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