No More Virgins*

Oh my… an intriguing post about an alarming justification for stopping Islamic women from driving… apparently they lose their virginity:

No More Virgins*.

To update, my friend just shared the following passage with me after explaining that although ‘we’ may laugh, ‘in the name of protecting virginity many women are subject to measures from practicing purdah and informal segregation, to veiling and at the extreme end of the spectrum FGM and particularly infibulation:

“Virginity is a curtain, my mother says. If a girl jumps down from a height she’ll damage her virginity. It’s a curtain, it can be torn.”
“What are you talking about? It’s a hole. It’s narrow, and then it becomes wide.”
Munis thought about how for thirty-eight years she had been looking out the window at the little garden, assuming that virginity was a curtain. When she was eight years old, they had told her that God would never forgive a girl who had lost her virginity. […] She recalled how, when she was a child, she used to gaze longingly at the trees, wishing that just once she could climb one. But she never had, out of fear for her virginity.
(Women Without Men, Shahrnush Parsipur)


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