Free Online Journal: Religion and Gender


Religion and Gender
Vol 1, No 1 (2011): Critical Issues in the Study of Religion and Gender
Table of Contents

Openings: A Genealogical Introduction to Religion and Gender (1-17)
Anne-Marie Korte

Feminist Scholarship and Its Relevance for Political Engagement: The Test
Case of Abortion in the U.S. (18-43)
Margaret Kamitsuka

Vital New Matters: The Speculative Turn in the Study of Religion and Gender
Paul Reid-Bowen

Implications of Queer Theory for the Study of Religion and Gender: Entering
the Third Decade (66-84)
Claudia Schippert

Macho Buddhism: Gender and Sexualities in the Diamond Way (85-103)
Burkhard Scherer

Male Headship as Male Agency: An Alternative Understanding of a
‘Patriarchal’ African Pentecostal Discourse on Masculinity (104-124)
Adriaan S. van Klinken

Book Reviews
Review of Joseph Gelfer,  Numen, Old Men: Contemporary Masculine
Spiritualities and the Problem of Patriarchy , London: Equinox 2009
Martin Fischer

Review of Björn Krondorfer (ed.),  Men and Masculinities in Christianity
and Judaism. A Critical Reader , London: SCM Press 2009 (130-132)
Ruth Hess

Review of Melissa M. Wilcox,  Queer Women and Religious Individualism ,
Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press 2009 (133-136)
Stephen Hunt

Review of Hannah Bacon,  What’s Right with the Trinity? Conversations in
Feminist Theology , Farnham: Ashgate 2009 (137-140)
Heather McDivitt

Review of K. Aune, S. Sharma & G. Vincett (eds.),  Women and Religion in
the West: Challenging Secularization , Aldershot: Ashgate 2008 (141-144)
Hendrika Petronella van den Brandt

Review of M. Osherow,   Biblical Women’s Voices in Early Modern Engeland ,
Farnham: Ashgate 2009 (145-146)
Anne-Mareike Wetter


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