Al-Akhbar Newspaper Seeking freelance translators (Arabic to English)

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Al-Akhbar Newspaper is a left-leaning daily newspaper, launched in 2006 by prominent Lebanese journalist Joseph Samaha. Its website (, currently the most visited Lebanese newspaper site, is launching an English edition, featuring translations from its daily Arabic edition as well additional original content. The English edition will target international readers with a broad interest in independent news and analysis from Lebanon and the Arab World Freelance translators will be assigned translation jobs from Arabic to English according to their time availability, topics of interest, and expected turnaround. Applicants must have a strong command of both Arabic and English. Applicants should have a demonstrable knowledge of, and interest in, the wider Middle East. A background in journalism, research, or a specialist field is a plus. Please send your CV and a cover letter to: before July 5, 2011, indicating the number of hours (or words) you would like translate per week. This is a freelance position; applicants are expected to work remotely.


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3 responses to “Al-Akhbar Newspaper Seeking freelance translators (Arabic to English)”

  1. Heba Cook says :

    Is the vacancy still available? Where is it based please?

    • religionandmore says :

      I would suggest that you contact the email address contained within this post. As I mentioned, I have nothing to do with the job and was just helping to disseminate the information. All the best, and good luck! CC

  2. omer says :

    is the vacancy available?

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