The Rising Cost of Higher Education

Just read this, and thought it was a depressing indication of how quickly things have changed for British Higher Education in recent years:

“Since 1998, English undergraduates have had to pay tuition fees (£1000 per year during my research). However, prestigious universities such as Oxford subsequently successfully lobbied to be allowed to charge considerably higher tuition fees (‘top-up fees’ of £3000) than many former polytechnics, for example, on the grounds that a degree from such an institution is perceived to be worth more (as it carries more prestige) than a degree from another university. Indeed, a former British government minister dismissed certain polytechnics as offering ‘Mickey Mouse degrees’ (BBC 14 January 2003) that were not really worthwhile studying.”

From Edward Dutton, 2008. Meeting Jesus at University: Rites of Passage and Student Evangelicals. Aldershot: Ashgate, p. 22.


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