Cardinal O’Brien Fostering Good Relations with our Enemies

I just feel that the following illustration of Cardinal Keith O’Brien’s ‘on-going commitment to foster good inter-faith relations in Edinburgh and Scotland’ seems to stand in somewhat stark contrast to his call yesterday for Christians to ‘be united in their common awareness of the enemies of the Christian faith in our country’… the aggressive secularists.

I’m not going to comment on this. I have many conflicting opinions on inter-faith work, on aggressive secularism, and on certain tenets of the Catholic tradition…

It seems that I, like Cardinal O’Brien, am a very conflicted individual.


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Scholar of religion/nonreligion... PhD Student (Lancaster University), blogger, singer, actor, thinker... Northern Irish living in Scotland. Co-founder of The Religious Studies Project. Director at the NSRN. Baritone masquerading as a tenor. Vegetarian for no particular reason.

3 responses to “Cardinal O’Brien Fostering Good Relations with our Enemies”

  1. Stuart says :

    Well, fair enough not to comment. I suspect that to some degree all ‘thinking’ folk are a little conflicted on these issues.

    My gripe over Cardinal Keith O’Brien’s comments were on a slightly different tangent:

    Attacking Secularists on Easter Sunday?

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