Sport, Politics and Religion

I have just been reading this post by Colette Gilhooley on the University of Stirling’s Critical Religion blog, and I thought this might be of interest.

Please do see my previous post Just How Religious is “Sport”? for more information on the basics of the religion-sport relationship.


A combination of International Women’s Day and the anticipation of the Olympics may make this an opportune time to look at issues facing female athletes which have come to my attention recently. It has been said that Pierre de Coubertin revived the Olympic Games as an instrument of reconciliation, [yet] his successors as president of the International Committee have been tireless in their insistence that ‘politics’ should not interfere with sport’ (Guttmann, 2003: 372). The Olympic Games are an opportunity for people to demonstrate their sporting abilities and to represent their countries on an international stage and their identities as part of that culture which may, I would argue, include politics. Continue reading here.


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