Oh-Dearism, Atheistic Thought, Humanitarian First-Class Stamps and the Arab World

I have finally had time to go through a bunch of my emails from the past few weeks, and here are a selection of the best links so far:

Snippets from interviews with youth across the Arab World

An excellent history of the idea of ‘humanitarian interventionism’

Newswipe’s take on ‘Oh Dear-ism

And the more light hearted: Members of the British Public attempt to guess the price of a First-Class Stamp

Finally, a plug for a lecture happening in London tomorrow night: Atheism Explained:  The Evolutionary Origins of Atheistic Thought

Atheism is many things to many people.  Within this diversity, the phenomena of non-theism and strong atheism stand out.  In this lecture, Lanman will describe non-theism and strong atheism as they exist in several countries and, using the theories and methods of the social and cognitive sciences, explain their individual origins and international distributions.

The lecture will be held at St Mary’s College University in London, at 6pm on Tuesday 5 April 2011 (drinks from 6, lecture from 6.30pm); please see attached for further details.

The event is free and open to all, but to attend you do need to register by emailing Leonora Paasche at paaschel@smuc.ac.uk

To whet your appetites, Jon had an article outlining his argument in last week’s New Scientist: http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg20928055.600-religion-is-irrational-but-so-is-atheism.html It promises to be path-breaking, provocative stuff…


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One response to “Oh-Dearism, Atheistic Thought, Humanitarian First-Class Stamps and the Arab World”

  1. Michael Hampson says :

    If anyone can’t get through the New Scientist paywall to the Lanman article, it is pretty much summarised (erm … copied) here:


    At first I thought: yes, I know all this, atheists are irrational fanatics. Since then I realised it’s really important that somebody with no theist/anti-theist axe to grind is doing a scientific, sociological analysis of the strange phenomenon of furious atheism. Worth a read, and worth promoting.

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