The Virtues (Christian) of Side-Hugging

A wonderful Christian rap about the virtues of side-hugging and the sin of  ‘not leaving room for the Holy Spirit’ when a girl ‘comes in with a look in her eye’ wanting a front hug…

Oh my.


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Scholar of religion/nonreligion... PhD Student (Lancaster University), blogger, singer, actor, thinker... Northern Irish living in Scotland. Co-founder of The Religious Studies Project. Director at the NSRN. Baritone masquerading as a tenor. Vegetarian for no particular reason.

2 responses to “The Virtues (Christian) of Side-Hugging”

  1. Carole Cusack says :

    This reminds me strangely of the rampantly anti-woman Middle Ages; there is a famous anecdote about a high medieval cleric (I think it is Peter Damiani, but I could be wrong) who told a room of monastic novices that it was impossible to be in a room alone with a woman and not have sex with her. When one brave novice queried this he was told that it was easier to raise the dead that to be in a room alone with a woman and not have sex with her. Were they more passionate in the Middle Ages? I don’t think so. Yet, indubitably, I front-hug many men and they don’t get erections as a result. All right, I could be hideous (that is one possible explanation). But I prefer the explanation that says that well-balanced men who actually know real women and regard them as people don’t react to them with an automatically sexual response. Of course, it’s depressing for those of us modern women who’d like a few more sexual reactions, but overall, I’d say it’s progress. The Christian side-hug? Hilarious. Tragic.

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