KJB: The Book that Changed the World (Film featuring John Rhys-Davies) – Edinburgh, 3 March 2011

Just alerting you to an interesting event happening in Edinburgh today. If it is interesting enough and I have time I might write a review…
You are are warmly invited to a special premiere screening today (Thursday 3 March) of a new historical docu-drama film on the making of the King James Bible.

‘KJB: The Book that Changed the World’ is a fine feature-length film that includes dramatic re-enactments, on-site narration by actor John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings), and reflections from scholars about the creation of the King James Bible. It provides rich insights into the role of James VI of Scotland (James I of England), aspects of religious & political history and the different forces that shaped the making of the KJV bible 400 years ago.

This will be followed by a brief panel discussion (around 5.30pm) with the director Norman Stone (BBC’s Shadowlands), screen writer Murray Watts (Miracle Maker) and Professor Larry Hurtado, and then a drinks reception in the Rainy Hall. This is a unique opportunity to hear from two leading film-makers about their craft and the making of this film.

Please note that there has been a slight change in the venue for the KJB film showing at 4pm on Thursday, 3rd March. It will still take place on Thursday, starting at 4pm in New College, The University of Edinburgh, but in Lecture Room 1. (The Martin Hall will be used for overflow if necessary).

This event is sponsored by the Theology, History and Ethics Research Seminar & CTPI (the Centre for Theology and Public Issues).
All are very welcome.

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