Call for Papers: Joint session RN 7 Sociology of Culture and RN 28 ‘Society and Sports’ – Geneva, Switzerland

I get sent fairly regular notifications of conferences, calls for papers etc through a variety of mailing lists, and I thought I should start sharing some of these (which particularly interest me, and which are already clearly in the public domain) just in case any of my readers are interested. Enjoy!

Call for papers submission

The RN 7 ‘Sociology of Culture’ and RN 28 ‘Society and Sports’ invite papers for their joint session at the Esa conference to be held in Geneva, Switzerland, in September 2011 (

Joint session RN 7 Sociology of Culture and RN 28 ‘Society and Sports’

Convenors: Dick Houtman and Davide Sterchele

Sport and religion/spirituality

Whereas the analogy between sport and religion has been criticized by many scholars mainly because of the lack (or low relevance) of the transcendent dimension in traditional sport practices, the recent sociological elaborations of the concept of spirituality seems to provide new interesting tools for interpreting the emerging forms of bodily movement. At the same time, the study of the analogies between traditional sports and institutionalized religions still generates relevant sociological insights. In order to contribute to these streams of research and to open new horizons for further research, the ESA research networks ‘Sociology of Culture’ and ‘Society and Sports’ invite potential contributors to submit abstracts to the joint session on ‘Sport and religion/spirituality’. The session will thus provide a forum for exchange and sharing among sociologists of culture, sport and religion, who deal with these themes from different but overlapping perspectives.

Abstract submission will be open on 10th January 2011. The deadline for proposals is 25th February 2011. Notification of acceptance will be given by 6th April 2011.

Abstracts should have no more than 300 words, can only be submitted online at:

They must include: 1) name (s) and affiliation (s) of the author(s); 2) contact details of presenting author (postal address, telephone, fax and email address); 3) title of proposed presentation. 4) If your abstract refers to one of the above-mentioned topics, please indicate which one.

The abstracts will be peer reviewed. The contribution not selected for presentation will be accepted as distributed papers.

For any queries about this specific session, please contact:

Davide Sterchele (

coordinator – Esa RN 28 ‘Society and Sports’


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