The Italian Trojan Camel

I tried for a while to find this image online, but I was unsuccessful. When I get back to Edinburgh I may attempt scanning it in, but for now you will have to make do with a really bad photograph of a quite small colour printout. Essentially this image was brought to my attention today and I thought it was worth highlighting, just as an illustration of a particular political position.

I am going to quote a scholar here, but because I have not asked them yet whether or not it is okay to identify them, or even for me to put this up, I shall simply refer to them as “them”… According to “them”, this image comes from the cover of Il Borghese del Nord 9/2010, which is

“the leading journal of […the] Italian Northern League. It shows a Trojan Horse (in fact a “Trojan Camel“) with the face of the leader of the National Alliance Party (now also called Party of Future and Freedom) Gianfranco Fini, who is most popular in the south of Italy. The Trojan Horse has the description “Immigrants“.

Make of this what you will…


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